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Back in the 1990's, I started investigating white collar crime.  I investigated a State Senator, several employees and vendors.  I have snooped into people's financial escapades from Washington, D.C., to Gulfport, MS, to Chicago, and I even put a few people in jail.  I have had the opportunity to consult with Billion dollar organizations and help them fix millions of dollars' worth of issues, and I have been the Controller of a multi-million dollar jewelry retailer.  And that's just the professional career, not to mention family and stuff I do for fun.

So what do I do for fun? I perform the occasional stand-up comedy show and keep things going as a professional ring announcer for MMA events.  Basically, anything that lets me talk into a microphone!  I even performed as a singer on a paddlewheel boat river cruise....once.

My background growing up in Alabama where my mother taught me to hold doors open for ladies, combined with my professional career, has created a smooth, credible sound that is easy to listen to.  A voice your audience can trust.  A voice YOU can trust.  Whether it's for commercials, IVR, medical narration, elearning or other area, my Southern Confident sound connects.




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